Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

Review of the Indie game: Cloud

Cloud or Cloud Game is a non-violent game made by students of the USC EA Game Innovation Lab.
The game itself is simply said like Katamari Damacy, but with clouds.
It also has a beautiful soundtrack to relax yourself while you play.
The Protagonist is a little boy, who is hospitalized and  is asked in the hospital by a little girl what he sees when he closes his eyes.
This leads him right to fly in his imagination. 

There is no real goal in the game, you can play it as you see fit and you can do all kinds of things you want with the cloud.
Just like that and you have one lol face more. :D  

With the help of the backspace button you can open the modification mode and add different clouds to your liking.
"1" for white clouds, "2" for grey ones, "3" for black ones and "+" and "-" to alter the shape of the clouds.

The clouds themselves are divided into 3 different kinds.

·         Grey clouds - grey clouds are collectable with white ones and are needed to have a bigger cloud.

·         Black clouds - swallow up your white clouds, if both white and black clouds intertwine. This dissolves both clouds and makes it rain underneath the clouds.

·         White clouds - the ones you can swallow with shift and place with strg. These clouds also are your main clouds to gather more grey clouds and decompose black ones.


And here is some action you can do by intertwining black and white clouds.


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