Freitag, 17. September 2010

Presentation of the Indie game: Cave Story

Cave Story, developed by Studio Pixel the one man studio consisting of only Daisuke „Pixel“ Amaya, is a 2D Action-Adventure sidescroller.
This game is available for the PC (for free) and WiiWare (for 1200 WiiPoints).

Well that aside, the game itself is just level-like build as Metroid with its caves.
You start as Qoute the protagonist of the game, who lost his memory apparently (silly jrpg clicheé :D) and starts to delve into the cave.
Also you will find weapons laying at each corner right down in the caves.

As the story progresses you will find yourself in a village inside this cave, which villagers, the cute little mimigas, are living in fear of the Doctor.
This maniac sets his minions out to kidnap the villagers, to transform them into beasts.

That all said you, the protagonist, are then about to vanquish the plans of the Doctor and his minions with your weapon arsenal of mass destruction.


  1. Cave story is an awesome game XD

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