Samstag, 18. September 2010

Presentation of the Indie game: Warning Forever

Warning Forever is a freeware 2D fixed shmup developed by Hikoza Tohkubo and released under his self made Software Company, Hikware.

The game itself is split up in to major factors, one being you controlling one small ship against the other factor, a Boss ship that gets bigger and bigger after times you destroyed it.
But that's not hard enough the default start of the game let's you compete against this Bosses in a Time limitation of 180 seconds total.
You can only add time if you shoot  one Boss down at a time, to gain 30 seconds to fight longer.
On the other side you only have 3 lives at default and lose 20 seconds each time you blow up.

Well, if that all wasn't enough, your only weapon is a cannon, which continuously fires barrages of shot s, via the "Z" key by default, in one direction.
However, by pressing the "D" key you can alter the barrage density and direction to your advantage.   

With that all said you can customize your experience in gaming by changing the game modes, which are:
  • 180 seconds - The normal, time-limited mode.
  • Three Ships - No time limit. The player begins with three lives, and gains an extra life for every hundred pieces blasted off a boss.
  • Five Minute attack - The player has a time limit of five minutes to get as far as possible.
  • Sudden Death - The player has one life and no time limit.
  • Custom - The player can choose time limit, number of lives and various options


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